Bridging Automation Solutions

HexaEight Next Generation Automation Platforms Helps You To Achieve More Productivity And Save Substantial Costs By Building Automation Robots For Your Environment.

How Can Our Platforms Help You?

Design ->  Execute -> Colloborate

We have hundreds or programming languages today and lot more going to be evolving tomorrow.  Interfacing Multiple Languages or Sequencing Multiple Commands from different languages is a cumbersome effort. At times there may be a situation when you want to interface a Program or a Legacy Executable with Another Program. 
The Goal of our Platforms is let you Design and Create Process Workflows and execute them using our Robots. The Workflows can be a Technical Process or Business Process using many different Programming Languages or Executable Programs.
Our Robots Can Run Offline or Online in your Environment without any Dependancies and can be Interfaced with our Collaboration Platform.



Flow Is Our Platform To Design And Orchestrate Process WorkFlows For Your Environment.



Patchers a.k.a Workers Are Our Next Generation Robots That Execute WorkFlows Designed By Flow.



Communicator Is Our Upcoming Chat Platform To colloborate With Patchers In Your Environment.


Who Are WE?

Technology Innovators

We Are A Team Of Technology Professionals Who Love Creating Simple Innovative Solutions For Automation. 

We @ HexaEight Have A Vision To Create Platforms That Will Revolutionize Technology And Automation.

Upcoming Next Gen Platform

Single Sign On Authentication

We Are Currently Working On Our Next Generation Authentication Platform That Will Revolutionize The Way Single Sign On Authentication Works.

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