HexaEight Authenticator can be installed for Andorid from Google Play Store as well as for iOS from Apple Play Store


In order to obtain a Login Token, you must register your Email Address in the Mobile Application by Creating a Vault. Login Tokens can then be generated for that Email Address inside your Vault.

Upon successful creation of a vault, you can tap the Mail button inside the Vault to generate a Login Token Request which will inturn send you an Email verification link and QRCode to your email address in order to complete the registration process. Wait for the Email To Arrive in your Email Inbox. It may take anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes for the Email to arrive.

Before you can complete the registration process and generate an Login Token, you will need to set a Password that should be associated with this Login Token.

NOTE: Do Not forget your password and never share your password with anyone ever.

Once the password has been set you can use the Login Token Request displayed in the Authentication Tokens to generate your new Login Token by scanning the QR Code that is visible in your Email.

If you are using the Mobile to view the Email, you can click on the Generate Login Token link in the Email which will take you back to the Mobile Application and prompt you to Tap the Login Token Request present in the Vault.

You will then be prompted with a question to confirm if you wish to proceed with the Generation of the Login Token. Press YES to proceed and you should receive a brand new login token in your Vault in the Authentication Token Section.